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November 2013

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Site News

 Fan art: 鳳凰 (Ho-oh)

One of a series of pictures I have drawn featuring Pokémon whose names are based on Japanese words.

1 November 2013

 Fan art: Poliwhirl: Four Expressions

A winning entry to a competition at deviantArt.

1 November 2013

 Pearl and Diamond's Evolution Gags

A humorous short story based on the Pokémon Special comedy duo, Pearl and Diamond.

28 September 2013

 Additions to manga names

I have added to the list of Japanese names in the Pocket Monsters Special manga (Pokémon Adventures) with their equivalent English character names. Please report any errors and notable omissions.

28 September 2013

 Fan art: I'm Red ... and I'm happy!

I've seen sooo many pictures of Red looking serious, emo, sinister or just down right miserable. However, my real impression of Red is just like Kusaka and Mato conceived him, a happy kid, full of life, confidence and energy ... and with a hint of mischief!

28 September 2013

 Fan art: Who Switched My Cutlery?

A comical pic I drew for a competition at deviantArt.

28 September 2013

 It's been a long time ...

It's been a long time since I updated this site, like three years! Most fan art and fan fiction action seems to have moved away from individual sites to large commercial sites like fanfiction.net and deviantart.com. I have a lot of new material to upload, but please send me a note (email or guestbook) to let me know that there are people still coming here.

1 September 2013

 New menus

I've added dropdown menus to make it easier to get deeper into the site without having to go via intermediate index pages. Any feedback would be appreciated.

1 September 2013